Sudoku Kingdom Test Game

Free Sudoku Generator and Workpad

You can create random and unique sudokus and play a free online puzzle game here (no need for daily free puzzle sudoku). If you want to print out the puzzle and the solution, JavaScript is not working or you want different levels (easy, medium, hard) click here to get high quality manually created Sudokus.

Click “Create” to create a new unique online Sudoku custom puzzle. Then click a cell and a number to fill the cell (if a number is not valid, you will not see the number in the cell and you will not see an error message, in that case, please try an other number). The “Solve” function does not work properly, either click “Create” and “Solve” immediately and save a screen print, or just work out the online puzzle sudoku yourself :o). Click “Clear” to get a blank grid sudoku.

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