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Do you know, more than 6.8 million people search for word sudoku on Google every month? Yes, you heard it right. Maybe for a few people, it sounds like a surprise but for a big fan like me, it’s like why not. If you are a new bee to sudoku word, let me let you a story of sudoku kingdom.

It’s such a fantastic game and its never get old. That’s why I’m a big fan of the Sudoku Kingdom itself, I always wanted to write a good article on it with all fun facts and surprises. so here it with you a beautiful journey of it.

Introduction to Sudoku kingdom

Well, Sudoku not need any introduction but still there always some people from the new generation who are just finding out about this legend. The Sudoku Kingdom sounds like a Japanese name, well you are right it’s a Japanese name. its mean  Digit-Single. Well, it started by Japanese but French made it popular in the word. It was around 1979 in the various French newspaper. Well, French used to be a big fan of the puzzle, and it was kind of in fashion thing there. Then Japanese Puzzle company Nikoli, take over it and made it world popular, they gave it the name Soduku. They first introduce it in US newspaper in 1986 and then it got in the attention in The Times group around 2004.

A software geek Wayne Gould made a computer program to produce millions of unique puzzle in just click of a button. Isn’t amazing.

Sudoku Kingdom Guide

Are you stuck while solving a Sudoku Kingdom Puzzle?

You can use the above online web-based form to solve any sudoku kingdom puzzle for free. Just reset the puzzle and type the half-completed or unsolved puzzle and press “Solve completely”. Once you submit the screen will display the results online in the same web-based form if your puzzle is valid. The puzzles are solved in the server, hence it does not cause a high load to your browser. The browser is only used to display the solution using a nice web interface. You can also read about the algorithm used to solve sudoku puzzles by clicking on the link “How to Solve a Sudoku Puzzle?” on the left. The link contains a detailed explanation of the logic involved in solving Sudoku puzzles. Please make sure you typed in the correct numbers before you submit.

Do you need a hint to solve your Sudoku Puzzle?

Our online web Sudoku solver has “Solve one step” option. Once you submit the screen will display your puzzle with one more step solved. It will fill in the next logical position. It will highlight the new number in red. We highly recommend that you use the option “solve one more step”. It will help you learn to solve Sudoku puzzles on your own.

Just solve one more step 🙂

Our online web Sudoku solver allows you to solve exactly one more step. Did you spend hours and hours hunting for the next step? Do you think solving one step will let you complete the puzzle independently? Just click on “Solve one step” and the solver will solve exactly one step, from which you can proceed to solve your sudoku puzzle again. This can also help if you want to solve your puzzle step by step.

Solve Sudoku puzzles completely!

Our online web interface will also let you solve your sudoku puzzles completely for free. We would like our users to use “solve one more step only” option. Use the solve completely option only when you want to verify a puzzle you have manually solved. Puzzles are solved in the server, hence there is no load on the browser.

Load a random Sudoku puzzle!

This will load a random Sudoku puzzle from our online database to the web interface. The random puzzle will be of the same difficulty level that you have selected before requesting; by default the difficulty level is medium. The imported puzzle will be automatically color-coded. The number of filled in cells value will also be updated after the import. We have more than a million Sudoku puzzles in the server, hence every time you import a random Sudoku puzzle, you will get a new puzzle practically.

Use Pencil

If you want to scribble inside cells, check the checkbox adjacent to “Use Pencil”. When you are in pencil mode, you won’t be able to bind a single number to any cells; you will have to uncheck the checkbox adjacent to “Use Pencil”, and then enter your number. With pencil option, people should be able to solve any sudoku puzzle using our online web interface with the same comfort you get with a pencil, paper, and pen. The web interface has additional features like time taken, color coding, no of filled-in cells, etc, which are not available when you use paper and pencil. This option is very handy when you are eliminating values from cells; that is while using techniques other than Naked Single and Hidden Single. For a detailed explanation on techniques involved in solving Sudoku puzzles, visit our page on how to solve a sudoku puzzle. We hope pencil option provides a rich online experience while solving Sudoku puzzles and gives you a feeling equivalent to solving on paper.

More Options

Our online web interface has a lot of functionalities and it is very confusing for new users to understand all of them at once. So we have moved rarely used functionalities to “More Options”. We hope this makes the online web interface look simple and elegant to use.

Import your sudoku puzzles to the online web interface 🙂

This feature helps you to easily fill the form with your sudoku puzzle. You can fill in “0” or “*” or “.” or “_” at unknown positions. After importing you can color code your sudoku puzzle or solve it single step or solve it completely by clicking on appropriate buttons. This is the most easiest way to fill the form with your sudoku puzzle.

Color code your puzzles online 😉

Check the checkbox adjacent to “Colorcode” option, to color code your Sudoku puzzle. This will assign each number in the puzzle and it’s a background to a specific color. We hope this will help you visualize the puzzle better and thus solve it easily. Coloring of numbers happen automatically as you type in numbers in the online web interface; if you don’t want to color numbers automatically please uncheck the color code checkbox in the More Options section of the online web interface.

Undo color coding:(

Uncheck the checkbox adjacent to “Color code” option, to undo color coding of your Sudoku puzzle. If you don’t like color coding of puzzles, you can use this option to undo the colors. You can also use this if you have made changes in the puzzle you color coded before, however color coding it again should also work fine. We hope color coding helps to visualize the puzzle better and hence solve sudoku puzzles easily.

Save your Sudoku puzzle in the web browser:)

This feature lets you save your sudoku puzzles. When you click on the button “Save your sudoku puzzle”, you will be prompted for a name. The puzzle filled in the grid at the moment will be saved in the browser cookies. You can again click on the button “Load your sudoku puzzle”, to fill the grid with one of the puzzles that you have already saved. You can save as many sudoku puzzles as you want. However, the saved puzzles are visible only in the machine you saved it. If you want to delete your saved puzzles, you will have to delete your cookies. By default, the puzzles will be stored in your machine for 999 days. However, you will have to remember the name of the puzzles, to load them. If you choose the same name for two puzzles, only one of them will be stored. Please choose a unique name for your puzzles, to prevent them from being overwritten. The default name for the sudoku puzzles is “puzzle1”.

Load your Sudoku puzzle from the web browser:)

This feature lets you to load Sudoku puzzles that you have already stored in your browser. When you click on the button “Load your sudoku puzzle”, the browser will prompt you to enter the name of the stored sudoku puzzle. Once you enter the name of the puzzle you stored, it will fill in the grid will that sudoku puzzle, and color code the same. If you do not wish to have your puzzle color coded, please click on the button “Undo color code”. You can load as many puzzles as you want. You puzzles won’t be deleted from memory unless you remove the cookies from your browser. They will be in memory for 999 days. If you don’t remember the name of your puzzle, try “puzzle1”. “Puzzle1”, is the default name for your puzzles.

Validate your Sudoku puzzle online!

This feature will analyze the puzzle you have filled in make sure that it is valid. A valid puzzle does not contain more than one occurrence of a given number in a row or column or block. When you manually type in your puzzle, the online web interface automatically validate the puzzle. In case of errors, the solver will blink the numbers that occur more than once in a row or column or block. If you import a puzzle, then you will have to manually uncheck and check the checkbox to validate your sudoku puzzle.

No of filled cells 🙂

Our online web interface displays the count of numbers filled in the solver grid. The web interface updates the count as you type in more numbers. A valid puzzle can have as low as 17 cells filled in. The count of filled-in cells is one of the prime measures of the difficulty level of a sudoku puzzle. However, the pattern of numbers plays a more important role in deciding the level of difficulty compared with the number of filled-in cells. This count of filled cells gets updated as you type in.

Print your Sudoku puzzle online!

This feature will let you print the Sudoku puzzle that is currently filled in the grid. When you click on the button “Print your Sudoku”, you will be redirected to a new page, with your puzzle alone. It will automatically prompt you to print; you can either accept to print it or cancel it.

French, German, Finnish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese version!

The free online sudoku puzzle solver is available in French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and English. To change the language of your choice, use the drop-down box in the top of the left column.

Your Sudoku puzzle will be stored in our online database!

We store all sudoku puzzles that people solve using our online web sudoku puzzle solver. These puzzles if finding good, might appear in “Today’s Sudoku Puzzle” page someday. If you wish to submit more puzzles for our database, you can use the “Upload Your Sudoku Puzzle to our online database” option in the left menu. Thank you for using our free online web Sudoku puzzle solver.

Solve alphabet or symbol-based Sudoku puzzles using our online web interface

If you want to solve alphabet based sudoku puzzles or symbols based sudoku puzzles you will have to manually convert the alphabets and symbols to numbers and submit to the above online web based form. We will soon release a wrapper on top of our current solver which will help you solve alphabet or symbol based sudoku puzzles. However, if you have a 16X16 sudoku puzzle with both numbers and alphabets, you cannot use our current solver. Will will release a 16X16 grid sudoku solver soon.

How do you solve a Sudoku puzzle?

To solve a Sudoku puzzle, you should fill in each cell in the above 9X9 grid with exactly one number from 1 to 9, that satisfy the following rules. Each row, column and block should have all the numbers from 1 to 9; hence exactly one of each. Please note that each row, column and 3X3 block has exactly nine cells. There are various algorithms involved in solving sudoku puzzles. Please check our page titled “How to solve a sudoku puzzle?” for complete details. It explains various algorithms like Naked Single, Hidden Single, Block Column/ Row interactions, Block / Block interactions, Naked Subset, Hidden Subset, X-Wing, Swordfish, XY-Wing, XYZ-Wing, Remote pairs, Coloring, XY Chains, Forcing Chains, Nishio, Trial and Error in detail. There is no complicated math involved in solving sudoku puzzles. If you are good in reasoning, you can solve puzzles quite easily. We wish you good luck in solving your sudoku puzzle.

Interesting facts Sudoku puzzles.

The total number of sudoku grids = 6.671 X 10^21 (assuming symmetrical puzzles to be different; assuming all puzzles leading to single solution as one). It is 10^15 times the total human population on the earth! 
Sudoku puzzles with as little as 17 numbers filled in have a unique solution. Each sudoku puzzle has only one solution. Not all puzzles can be solved by logical reasoning alone. 
A given Sudoku puzzle can be transformed to 13056 different sudoku puzzles, by rotating, re-labeling and permutating. Rotating any puzzle in multiples of 90 degrees will result in a new puzzle. Rotation is the same as reflection. You can also re-label each number in a puzzle to a different one, thus generating a new puzzle. 
The difficulty of a puzzle depends on the pattern of filled in numbers and the count of filled in numbers

The History of Sudoku Kingdom

Well, Number puzzles were the buzz word of the late 19th century. It was first started by French, they were doing some experiment with by removing the number from the magic squares. They first publish 9X9 magic squares with 3X3 subsquares in it on November 19, 1892. Well remember it was not called Sudoku at that time, well official reason was it didn’t have the single-digit so far and it was the Arithmetic problem, not a logical problem Are you still with me, hope so you are 😊. But the solving method was the same, each row and column and subsquare should have 1-9 and no-repeat, classical Sudoku Kingdom logic. Anyway, Let’s move on.

Sudoku and 2nd world War

Then in 1893, French newspaper La France, find out it’s a little bit too complicated for a lot of people. So to make it more fun and target more audience, they refined the game, so they simplify it, and it becomes very close to modern-day Sudoku, but still, no Sudoku as it still has the 9×9 square and other technical stuff as well. Well, its worked well till the Word War 1 messed-up the things and it got disappears from the newspaper. I believed they had the more serious shit to take care. Ohh they got took over by Hitler. Ohh ya… Anyway bad days… Let move on to Modern Soduku Kingdom. Enough of history.

The modern Sudoku Kingdom

Here is fun fact, it was designed by 74-year-old retired architect and puzzle freelancer. Good job old Chap. Man, I thought freelancing is a new concept but it seems like I know very little about this word.

So this dude publishes it in 1979 with the name Number Place ( well this is the earliest known name of modern Sudoku so far. Couldn’t find older record so settling down to it.). Well, that dude died after 10 years 1989 before seeing it how big his game take over the world. He missed the opportunity. Those old days, things used to be very slow. These day things get highlights so fast. Isn’t it.

Magical Year 1984

Okay let move on to Japan, in 1984, a puzzle company Nikoli have launched it in a monthly paper with the name Suji Wa dokushin ni karigu, well its Japanese for The digit must be single in English translation and in Japanese it means unmarried(dokushin) digit. So Sudoku Kingdom is an abbreviation of it. Well, then day register the trademark and life move on from there.

Newspaper Frenzy

Sudoku never looked back from there. For instance, all the big brands start branding themselves with the Sudoku, a classical example was British newspaper The Guardian’s advertise themselves as the first newspaper which gives complimentary Sudoku game on all pages. They also want the piece of cake from the success of Sudoku. Anyway, there are many other stories as well. The Times also takes a leap with the help of Sudoku. In 2005 they also started printing easy and difficult version of Sudoku on their newspaper to appeal the wide audience. Well, there is a big list of all this opportunity catcher like Sky one, The Convoy Sun Daily Sun newspaper.

BBC SUDO-Q Game Event

Well British Media Giant BBC went to the next level with the Sudoku. therefore they started organizing a game event. They used to call it SUDO-Q, a game show which was a combination of sudoku plus general knowledge. Anyway, you know where it is going. It’s the same old story of successful things when anything gets famous everyone wants peace of cake. Well if you interested to know more keeps ready or else move to next Paragraph for more interesting things.

In 2006 a Sudoku website launches a Sudoku kingdom tribute song written by Peter Levy. Its become such a hit. It put down the website. Please gone banana over it. Everyone was trying to download it at the same time. So the website finally gave up and put down the song.

Well after it, software companies came into action, all different operating system, gaming console, and mobile application. Everyone was coming with their idea of the game. Well, it was an easy product to sell. So everyone was just after it. Till 2008 there were 30 different Sudoku games on the iPhone only.  Okay well, there is a lot to talk about it. But let’s give it a rest. Let’s focus on another interesting thing about Sudoku.

Okay, let’s talk about various Avatar(variant) of Sudoku Kingdom.

9X9 classical

Well, we all familiar with 9X9 classical super hit sudoku version. Most commonly it has 3×3 regions, there are many other variations exist. It can also have 4×4 grids with 2×2 regions. You can also divide it into 5×5 and a 7×7 grids with six heptomino regions. Well,

12×12 Grid

The Times used to oper 12×12 grid. They used to call it Dodeka Sudoku Kingdom. Isn’t it a funny name. It used to have 12 regions of 4×3 squares. Dell magazines also used to print a different version of the sudoku, they used to call it Number Place Challenger. It used to have a 16×16 grid.

25×25 and Sudoku-Zilla

Well the first patent company if you remember it, it is Nikoki from Japan. To prove themselves as a pioneer in sudoku word, therefore that they went to the next level by printed the Giant version of the Sudoku. They offer 25×25 Sudoku the Giant game. Well if you think it too big, well then you may not have heard of Sudoku-Zilla. Can you guess how what could be the size of it? Well, some of you with wild guess may have guessed it correctly. Yes, it was a 100×100 grid game. It was just a crazy idea.

Mini Sudoku ….

To continue….


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5. What is Sudoku Evil?

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